Friends of Barr Lake Leave No Trace Survey

Thank you for taking time to complete this brief survey of The Leave No Trace 7 Principles. Results of the survey will be used to help guide future program and education needs in order to keep our park as a beautiful outdoor place for all to enjoy.

How are you affiliated with the park? *

Are you familiar with the 7 Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics Principles? *

Do you practice the Leave No Trace Principles when recreating outdoors? *

Using the scale rate how INAPPROPRIATE (1) or APPROPRIATE (5) you think the activities are for a visitor to do at Barr Lake State Park or any outdoor public park.

Experience parks by not preparing for all types of weather or hazards before getting on the trail. *

Leaving coals smoldering in a contained grill. *

Traveling off trail to take a break or experience the natural environment. *

Carrying out all litter, leaving only food scraps. *

Keeping a single item like a rock, plant, stick or feather as a souvenir. *

Dropping food on the ground to provide wildlife a food source. *

Yielding to and being courteous of other visitors and/or wildlife on the trail is optional. *